Services to adapt IIRP platform
to meet every enterprise need



Design and integration services through end to end accountability of projects

Cutting edge solutions
to business problems

Enterprises will need more than a platform for complex IoT solution deployments. They will need hardware design and integration, white label platform services, security services or implementation support. IOT World Labs provides a one-stop shop for all services and support requirements for the Enterprise that are deploying IIRP

  • 3.1

    Use Case Design

    Design and develop enterprise IoT use cases including physical, mechanical and electrical design. Assist in quality assurance, mass deployment, networking and communications to deliver end to end optimized use cases

  • 3.2

    Prototype and Integration

    Create rapid prototypes, provide test and pilot capabilities and provide integration support for pilot and production deployment

  • 3.3

    Support services

    Various support options are available including platform support, end to end solution support and end of life support options

  • 3

    Implementation & White -labelling

    End to end implementation, white labelling and deployment services for complex IoT deployments